Kenya-Re Towers, Ragati Road

Desert safaris

The vast tracts of desert land found in Kenya’s Northern region provides a perfect setting for the best desert safari. It is the ideal destination for those looking to really get away from it all. From the baking deserts to the wild shores of the world’s largest desert lake and UNESCO World Heritage Site – Lake Turkana, also known as Jade Sea, a trip to this region guarantees nothing but the best desert safari experience.  The region, known as the Cradle of Mankind, is the site of some of the world’s most important prehistoric discoveries.  Combine this with the rich cultural heritage comprising about 14 tribes and you will never regret a journey to the North.

Attractions in this region include the Central Island National Park, Sibiloi National Park, Maralal National Reserve, Marsabit National Park, the Koobi Fora Museum and the Chalbi desert.  The annual Maralal International Camel Derby is a colorful spectacle with camel races and magnificent cultural displays (song, dance and artefacts).

Activities here include game viewing, birdwatching, camel safaris, boat trips and trekking.