Kenya-Re Towers, Ragati Road

Iconic Safaris

Kenya is undoubtedly the destination for authentic, exceptional, and memorable wildlife safari in Africa.

It is home to unique and diverse wildlife found within incredible beautiful landscapes – from snow-capped Mt Kenya, the Great Rift Valley, the expansive savannah and home to teeming wildlife spots, Chalbi desert, the city of Nairobi, forests, rivers, lakes, and to the white sandy beaches of Kenya’s Indian Ocean coastline.

You can explore and discover the magnificent wildlife in many ways – by guided walking, a hot air balloon, on horseback, a kayak, game viewing vehicles, or from the comfort of your lodge or camp. The over 45 national parks, reserves, sanctuaries and over 100 conservancies offer travelers magical experiences like no other.

Sleep under starlit skies and the roar of lions, wake up to the sound of birds and probably choose to have breakfast in the bush.

For a rich wildlife experience, go beyond the famous Big 5 encounters to include other listings like the Samburu special five, the small five, the ugly five, the rare animals like the Black Panther spotted severally Laikipia, or develop your own list to explore.
Experience our three migrations: the wildebeest migration in the Maasai Mara, birds’ migration especially around the Kenya Lake System, and the humpback whale migration in Kenya’s Indian Ocean.

If you are thinking of a holiday with exceptional nature and wildlife experiences, then come to Magical Kenya! Karibu.